Belden CC-Link cables have been developed alongside the Mitsubishi technology and are engineered specifically to meet the testing requirements and application needs. Options include:

Standard DataBus – Belden 1348A (Mitsubishi BA1SJ61-S)

Standard DeviceBus – Belden 1349A (Mitsubishi BA1SJ61-P)

Fiber Simplex and Duplex cordsets available

Network Protocol Definition

Developer – Mitsubishi

Type of Architecture – Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) required

Interconnections/Nodes – 64 devices

Network Topology – Bus

Distance – 100 m-1,200 m (13.2 km with repeaters)

Data Size – 8,192 points (remote I/O), 4,096 words (remote register)

Data Speed – 156 kbps-10 Mbps

Communication Method – Master/Slave

Cabling Requirement – 110-Ohm Shielded Multi-Conductor