Belden ControlBus low-loss coax cables are designed specifically for high-speed, time-critical ControlNet applications. The standard construction for this application is industrial RG-6, quad shield coaxial cable designed for compliance with the ControlNet specification. Several options are available, including:

Standard ControlNet – Belden 3092A

High temperature options available

Armoring options: aluminum interlock, aluminum continuous or steel interlock

Additional jacket options: CPE and LSZH available

Network Protocol Definition

Developer – Allen-Bradley

Type of Architecture – Open specification, multiple chip vendors

Interconnections/Nodes – 99 nodes

Network Topology – Linear, Tree, Star, or Combination

Distance – 250-1,000 m (2-48 nodes; Copper), 3 km (30 km with repeaters; Fiber)

Data Size – 0-510 bytes (variable)

Data Speed – 5 Mbps

Communication Method – Producer/Consumer, Device Object Model

Cabling Requirement – 75-Ohm Quad Shield RG-6 Coax, Fiber