We provide end to end solutions for various process application which includes


Using Automation in process we supply complete end to end controller login in ICE Plant, Cold Storage, Meat process, Diary, Beverages etc.

process automation

In a typical Refrigeration Automation various equipment  & units as compressors ( Screw & Reciprocating), low Pressure Pumps (Ammonia Pumps) , Evaporators , Plate Heat Exchangers, Air Cooling Units, Ice Bank Tanks , chilled water pumps, cooling tower  fans etc are controlled, observed and data logged for all values then PLC  I/o’s. SCADA is used to display, control & change values if required.



We have developed a system using Compact logix PLC L33ER & PANEL View Plus 1500 HMI. The system is highly rough, cost effective and reliable.

To develop a system for bar line this can take accurate quantity of materials so that quality of product should be best.
That has been achieved very well by our existing plc system.
Developed a highly flexible and cost effective system.
15’’ Hmi is given to control and operate the operation.
Using data logging all the actual value to material of each batch is stored in storage device.
System consists of :
1769 L33ER compact Logix Plc
2 no of 1734 AENTR for point IOs communication with PLC over Ethernet
15 inch HMI communication over Ethernet.
We implemented the entire system within 1month. User friendly Allen Bradley software &Hardware helped us to complete system in such short time




Load Bank–  It is a device which develops an electrical load, applies the load to an electrical power source and converts or dissipates the resultant power output of the source. The purpose of a load bank is to accurately mimic the operational or “real”load that a power source will see in actual application.


Operation and Monitoring – D.G testing is controlled and monitored by SCADA (Factory Talk View  SE) and data process control and calculations are done by PAC (Compact logix) & PLC (Micrologix).

Process Description –  D.G connected to load bank by checking correct connections of phases.

Then by SCADA data and values are updated according to model number, and load test is started by SCADA.

When the test is running Micrologix 1400 plc reads data from DEEP SEA CONTROLLER which is connected to D.G . Data transfer of DG is done by MODBUS communication.

Then the micrologix 1400 data is messaged to compact logix , which do all the calculation and process accordingly.

After the completion of load test report is generated for all steps as required by operator.

Report include following basic data:-

  • KW Load
  • AC Voltage
  • HERTZ Frequency
  • Oil Pressure
  • Ampere Rating
  • Voltage tested
  • Additional by requirement 

Additional Information:
  • Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Pack
  • Pay Mode Terms: T/T (Bank Transfer)
  • Ampere Rating
  • Voltage tested
  • Additional by requirement