PROFIBUS Product Specifications

PROFIBUS represents one of, if not the number one, the largest installed bases of fieldbus systems in the world. Using shielded twisted pair constructions, the two main application-specific profiles are PROFIBUS DP, which is optimized for discrete factory automation, and PROFIBUS PA, which is optimized for process automation.

Standard PROFIBUS DP – Belden 3079A

Standard PROFIBUS PA – Belden 3076F

Armoring options: continuous or interlock

Additional jacket options: CPE and LSZH available

Stranded conductor versions available

Network Protocol Definition

Developer – Siemens

Protocols – Profibus-DP and Profibus-PA

Type of Architecture – 300+ product vendors

Interconnections/Nodes – 127 nodes

Network Topology – Line, Star, Ring

Distance – 100-1,200 m (Copper), 24 km (Fiber)

Data Size – 0-244 bytes

Data Speed – 9.6 kbps-12 Mbps

Communication Method – Master/Slave, Peer-To-Peer

Cabling Requirement – 150-Ohm Shielded Twinax (Twisted Pair), Fiber